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Exercise and Fitness by Joe Salottolo

Exercise started for me when I was in my early teens.  My body was really skinny and I wanted to gain weight by adding on muscle.  I became fascinated by the shapes and sizes of the bodies I saw in magazines that showed ads for developing your body.  In particular were the ads by Joe Weider and Charles Atlas.

I ordered some exercise equipment in the way of hand squeeze grips and chest expander springs.  With the expander springs I could work my chest, biceps and triceps.  The squeeze grips strengthened my wrists and forearms.

It did not take very long for me to develop my body with resistance exercise and with nutritional eating habits.  My health and fitness levels skyrocketed.

Cuba, 2008

As time went on and I could afford to join a health club I started working out with free weights and resistance machines.  With over 50 years gone by, I have maintained my involvement with health and fitness and gained a wealth of experience.

Most of the knowledge I attained came from health and fitness magazines and books.  They cover lots of information on proper exercises at certain fitness levels for different muscle groups.  They also cover topics like proper nutrition and supplements.  Usually in these magazines there are success stories showing how one achieved their fitness level.  Reading this information is very educational and keeps you focused on your fitness.

Supplements such as vitamins and minerals, protein powder, protein bars, amino acids, creatine, energy drinks etc... played a big part in my development.  With proper nutrition, these supplements will give you that extra edge that you need.  Eating right is a very big percentage of your success with overall health and fitness.

Most of my workouts were done at a health club where I had access to all kinds of free weights, machines and cardio equipment.  A lot of people have set up home gyms and you can purchase all kinds of exercise equipment on line.  The key for sure is to get the exercise that you require and at your convenience.

Whether you go to the gym or work out at home, you have to be comfortable.  Wearing the right clothing and shoes will make you feel good and look good.

All of these things that I talked about, the magazines, supplements, exercise equipment, fitness apparal and shoes can all be purchased on line.

I must point out that health and fitness should be a committed lifestyle.  You alone are in control of your temple.  Its up to you to take care of yourself.


Exercise is great but the biggest percentage of how you look and feel is what you put into your body.

One of my greatest pleasures was meeting Tosca Reno and the late Robert Kennedy at a fitness conference in Belleville, Ontario, Canada.  I purchased one of their best selling books called, The Eat-Clean Diet for Men.  This book is loaded with all kinds of information as to what you should be eating to produce a healthier you.  It shows you how to assess yourself and to develop a plan for proper eating and the results from clean-eating.

This book is loaded with meals and recipes, menus and shopping lists, to help you get going on the right track.  There are also tips on shopping at the supermarket, eating out and what to put in your lunch pails, coolers and backpacks.

One of my greatest fitness hero's was the late and great Jack LaLanne.  Jack has a forward section in this Eat-Clean book which tells his story of eating clean and how Tosca and Robert's book will help you.

So many people in this world of ours have fallen into a pattern of unhealthy eating habits.  The fast food industry and packaged man made foods have placed a large percentage of the population in an obese situation.  The results of this style of eating has caused increased risks of heart attack and stroke along with many other illnesses.

I would highly recomment the Eat-Clean Diet books, written by Robert Kennedy and Tosca Reno.

My partner Shirley Rogers and I have been following the Eat-Clean diet together and it makes things so much easier.  Teamwork is so motivational as we try to push each other to the limits.  We are known as the Power Couple in the Eat-Clean diet world and are both ambassadors for Tosca Reno and the Eat-Clean team.

For you ladies who want to get your man involved with this Eat-Clean lifestyle we have a few tips.

          1. Communication with the benefits of this lifestyle is number one.  The Eat-Clean diet books by Tosca Reno will help.

          2. Make a mutual commitment to at least start.

          3. Experiment with food choices.  You will have a tendency to cheat so do it in moderation.

          4. Agree to get involved with an exercise program and do it together.

          5. Reward each other for accomplishments.

          6. Use this as your motto: "Eat-Clean and play hard"....  It works.

Feel free to visit Shirley's facebook page: Shirley Rogers, Eat Clean Healthy Lifestyle.  There is lots of useful information and a great page for communication.

Check out our video per the link above.

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In the summer of 2010 I purchased this book from the late Robert (Bob) Kennedy.  Both Tosca and Bob signed this book for me.  I have been living my lifestyle to the Eat-Clean way ever since.  I have gained increased energy and an overall feeling of good health.  Thank you to both Bob & Tosca.

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I am truly pleased to share my experience in regards to health and fitness

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